#5 Father Abraham had Many Sons (Through Many Lovers)
(Genesis 25:6)

Genesis 25:6
But to the sons of his concubines Abraham gave gifts, and while he was still living he sent them away from his son Isaac, eastward to the east country.

  (Isaiah41:8)(2Chronicles20:7)(James2:23)Abraham was described as “God’s friend” multiple times, (Hebrews11)is listed in the Bible's “Hall of Faith”, (Genesis20:7)was called "a prophet" by God himself, (Genesis 17:5)and was chosen by God to be “the father of many nations.”  I guess the more sexual partners you have the easier it is to start populating multiple nations!  I wonder if God blessed him with the sexual stamina to get so much "knowing" done or if Abraham had to ride a camel to 7-Eleven to buy some dingus pills?  No oysters, I suppose, not kosher.. as opposed to banging your not-your-wife.  
  I’m not casting judgment on people who are polygamous, have “open” marriages, cheat on their partners (no, actually, shame on you!), have children through adoption or from other marriages… but the church is often glad to look down on people who have "messed up" sexually or whose sexual activity falls outside of their particular Christian narrative.  So why can God bless, employ, befriend, and talk directly to (sounding like Kevin Conroy, I hope) Abraham while most churches today wouldn't dream of offering such grace, responsibility and authority to someone who's had sex with several other women while he was married?  Or, heck, most churches sure wouldn't have a polygamist in their leadership ranks even though the Bible has many cases of polygamy and those people doing the lord's work.  
  Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism, enjoys long walks on the sand dunes, meals by the fire, and hoppin' between the sheets with a mistress or two!  

  BONUS: Sarah, who was married to Abraham most of his life, was Abraham's half-sister!  

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