"What If You're Wrong?"

  A question that virtually every atheist has heard: "What if you're wrong?"  
  It seems to me this question is hardly ever actually an honest question but usually a death-rattle of someone who can't think of any good justification or argumentation to support their stance.  When the evidence or reasons are lacking, out come the fear tactics, the insincere concern, the frustration, and/or the emotional pleading.  I'm not accusing anyone of intentional insincerity; I remember my Christian days and the very real fear I felt concerning Hell and the salvation status of others.  
  The "what if you're wrong?" question is so entirely devoid of actual follow-through it's honestly a little frustrating when I'm presented with it when my atheism is being discussed.  So, instead of me waxing on about how most theists don't seem to even consistently consider such a question themselves, I'm going to borrow the more eloquent language of other atheists/skeptics.  

  Betting on Infinity (TheraminTrees & QualiaSoup) 
(for mobile browsers: https://youtu.be/fZpJ7yUPwdU)

  Rebuttals to 'Betting on Infinity' (TheraminTrees)
(for mobile browsers: https://youtu.be/bXSjzCf1waA)

  The Impossible Game (TheraminTrees)
(for mobile browsers: https://youtu.be/Gcw1YEtTQCw)

  "Ahh," some Christians say, "but Romans 1 states that God has made himself known to everyone and you are just suppressing the truth!"  Well, that's not true and accusing me of being a liar is as useful as you just saying "I'm right, you're wrong."
  I believe the above videos clearly word why "what if you're wrong?" is not a fruitful way to approach the truth of the matter.  I'm not resistant to the idea of a god existing- if a god exists I want to know about it.  If I believed a god existed I'd not hesitate to proclaim such a belief.  If I had doubts, I'd express my doubts- but I presently am not confident that a god or gods exist.  Back when I was a Christian I wasn't secretly occupied with concerns such as 'what if Allah is real?' or 'what if Odin is real?'  In a similar manner, as an atheist, I'm not harboring any secret or underlying concerns about Yahweh.  
  If you think nonbelievers are nonbelievers because "they want to sin" or "are fighting convictions"... I doubt you've seriously even considered what such accusations even entail.  Swimmers don't think they'll escape harm's way by wishing there were no such thing as sharks or jellyfish.  Pilots don't think they can fly forever if they wish that there was no such thing as gravity.  "You secretly/actually believe a god exists" is just lazy and arrogant accusation to make that comes across as hateful or ignorant.
  If you think the only way another person can't share your theistic viewpoint or belief is because they are evil or lying to themselves- that says more about your fear-fueled reasoning (Hell or oblivion wouldn't be brought up otherwise.)  I don't say "oh, you can't actually think there's a god" when you profess theism, so how about you actually make a defense for your beliefs and refrain from the accusatory projection of your potential latent insecurities? 

So, which of these presents a reasonable, moral, loving god? 

   Sends me to Hell or "annihilates" me for having not been convinced of his existence  
  An all-powerful & all-loving god would know what it would take for me to be convinced of his existence and would know what I'd find not convincing.  A loving god wouldn't deny anyone such evidences and then have them cast into Hell for his refusal to introduce such evidence into their life or create the universin which he knew in advance the arguments an individual would be presented with would be unconvincing.  
   Condemns and rewards pending the state of a facet of belief and not how I live my life  
   To borrow some more words (Theoretical Bullshit) I'd be sent to Hell "not as a form of discipline, or correction, or redemption- since it never ends- there's nothing constructive about Hell.  You don't come out of Hell a better person.  You don't come out at all." 
  • Has me be tortured or annihilated for being honest  
  I wouldn't even be capable of deceiving an all-knowing god.  Suggesting that I "believe, just in case" is to also suggest that your god is a moron or is so evil that he cares more about subservient obedience than honesty.
  • Rewards me with Heaven for proclaiming a belief that I don't actually hold  
  Suggesting such means both morals and beliefs are wholly inconsequential and his standards for admittance into Heaven are completely arbitrary.  Again, this presents a problem with the key to everlasting life in a philosophy focusing on faith (which can wildly vary in practice and principles from denomination to denomination) insteaof concepts and consequences representative of reality.  

An all-knowing god knows the evidence I need to be convinced of his existence.
An all-powerful god is able to provide that evidence.
An all-loving god would want to. 

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