Here is a gallery of some of my graphical makings.  I make all kinds of stuff in Photoshop often, but I'm gonna keep it restricted to the atheism/skepticism/religion-themed stuff for this blog.  
 Click on the image to have a much larger version of the image be available for viewing/download.  Feel free to share these images, print them, whatever.  It'd be much appreciated if you reference me if you use them, but I won't hold anyone to it.

Commandment 11, Thou Shalt be Ashamed


Magic is not a Theory

Question Everything

Appeals to Faith ~ Matt Dillahunty

The Truth has Nothing to Fear
Hazardous to Outgroups

Because it's not Knowledge

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  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2014

    Excellent artwork. I used to dabble in Poser and Bryce software for my art.